10 things to look for in a wedding venue

10 things to look for in a wedding venue

When choosing a venue for the most special day of your life, your heart will often overrule your head. You’ll see a beautiful venue that’s just as you pictured, you fall in love with it and all practical considerations simply go out of the window.

However, if you want your big day to go smoothly and your venue to really work for you, there are some questions you really must ask. Here are the 10 top things to look for in a wedding venue:

1. The licence. If you actually want to get married at the venue, it must have the appropriate licence or the ceremony won’t be legal (and you won’t really be married!).

2. Capacity. Take a draft of your guest list with you when looking at venues, as you’ll need ample space to fit everyone in.

3. Decoration and personalisation. Ask whether you can personalise and decorate the venue, moving things around if necessary, to suit your tastes and the theme of your wedding.

4. Accessibility and parking. Can the venue be easily reached by road and public transport, and is there adequate parking for all of your guests?

5. Outdoor spaces. You might like outdoor areas for your photographs and for guests to mingle.

6. Privacy. This is a vital question to ask – whether you get the whole venue and grounds for the exclusive use of your wedding party and guests, or if you’ll have to share it with members of the public.

7. Alcohol licence. Does the venue have a licence to serve alcohol? It sounds obvious, but some more unusual venues won’t have one.

8. Accommodation. If you’d like your wedding party and guests to stay overnight, take a peek at the rooms, particularly the bridal suite, to see if their up to standard.

9. Insurance. Does the venue have appropriate liability insurance just in case something goes wrong?

10. Vendors. Can you bring your own caterers, florists, musicians and photographers in, or does the venue require you to pick from a list of preferred suppliers?
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